About us

Hookahs, like coffee, have been our passion for many years. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we missed a place in Prague where we could combine these passions and enjoy both.

This idea matured over time until we decided to just go for it. Two endless years of searching for the right premises ended in mid-January 2018, when we began building our shared dream, which you have been enjoying with us since March 2018.


We prepare various flavors and brands of tobacco exclusively in world-class hookahs, styled in a wooden motif, complementing our new cozy interior. To fulfill your most demanding wishes, we offer a variety of bowl types.


We regularly have two types of coffee on the grinder. One, roasted especially for Cloud, is similar to the Italian style of coffee. On the other grinder, we rotate Arabicas from various corners of the world with fruity tones, because coffee is a fruit after all ☺️. In addition, we are happy to prepare a batch brew or refreshing cold brew for you.


We strive to make our snacks as homemade as possible. Our homemade sandwiches, desserts, or our caramelized onions are just a fraction of this offering. Our star is undoubtedly the cottage cheese from the @statekokrouhlo family farm, thanks to which we can offer you unique-tasting cottage cheese bread and spreads.


Where do you want to be seated?

We accept internet reservations until 5:00 PM. The standard reservation time is 2.5 hours. In other cases, please call 737 606 998.